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Issue Three:

Amber Rollinson

WINTER 2020/21

Visual Art

Four Images


Amber Rollinson image 1.jpg


Amber Rollinson image 2.jpg


Amber Rollinson image 3.jpg


Amber Rollinson image 4.jpg

Artist Statement

My cyanotypes are based on places I have seen and explored. Be it the Cornish coast, Fiji, or the gentle rolling landscape of the Chew Valley – landscape infuses my work. It is my belief that the most intriguing images are those with a narrative, and I love including figures and brooding skies to heighten the tension of a scene. The cyanotype process creates its own story too – the mixing of the chemicals, the creation of the negative, the exposure to sunlight. Each stage in the process of making a print is a moment in time and these moments come together and concentrate themselves into a single image. Cyanotypes are a DIY culture – totally accessible and yet partially uncontrollable. I never get quite the result I was hoping for, and this is what spurs me on to make more.

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Amber Rollinson is currently studying for the MSt Creative Writing at Oxford. She began making her cyanotypes in March 2020, and has had artwork featured in Epoque Press, Streetcake, Aeonion, The Common Breath and Neon. Her fiction and poetry has been featured in Epoque Press’s e-zine, Channel Magazine, Green Ink Poetry, The Cabinet of Heed, Pulp Poets Press, and The Common Breath. Instagram @wild_log. 

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