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Issue Two,

Autumn 2020


Emmitt H Thrower


The Silent Sellers: Walking in My Shoes

Artist Statement

As a filmmaker I seek to create work that connects to people in very intimate ways. Silent Sellers: Walking in My Shoes was a unique opportunity to organically capture the creative process of a photographer while she spontaneously captures the life of street vendors in the South Bronx. What resulted for me, was an experience of walking in the shoes of the street vendors. Emotionally I believe art and film should stimulate your mind in a way that allows you to view the world outside your own skin.

Silent Sellers: Walking in My Shoes reveals perspectives. Unacknowledged relationships formed between people that we scurry past every. Most are nameless. But they always have a friendly smile for you. Making us feel at home within our neighborhood as we observe them in their usual spot. They make us feel comfortable in our own shoes. Look closer and you can see the pain on many of their faces behind the smiles. They appear daily silently selling but disappear when the selling day is over. 


Watching the photographer capture impactful moments was an experience for me. No manipulation of life . Simply capturing it raw with one click.

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Emmitt H Thrower is a producer and filmmaker. A resident of the Bronx, NY who has an appreciation for the arts, Emmitt began his artistic career as a theatrical actor. Later he produced stage plays off Broadway through his not for profit production company, Wabi Sabi Productions Inc.

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