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Issue Three:

Giada Rotundo

WINTER 2020/21

Visual Art

Three Images

Catherine's Wheel

Giada Issue 3 art Catherine's wheel_1920

Linda in the Garden

Giada Issue 3 Art Linda in the garden_oi


Giada Issue 3 Money Money_oil on canvas

Artist Statement

In 2017 I obtained my MA at the art Accademia di Brera and I began my artistic career by re-elaborating images from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Nowadays I have chosen not to represent only one poetic style and my work does not follow a specific genre though I continue to express myself with figurative painting. I came to this difficult choice after maturing and reflecting upon the fact that it gives the observer a much freer view of the work. If we think that it is the public itself that ‘makes’ the artwork and that it would not exist without them, why shouldn’t we leave them the opportunity to interpret it? Explaining the meaning of the painting would influence their opinion too. Finally, looking at the art of today is like looking at something diverse and complicated, there is so much, sometimes too much… once there was only one artistic trend and many people would be spontaneously involved. If we think of Art Déco, or even before Art Nouveau, I realise that many artists had reproduced and spread these artistic styles to other similar fields such as architecture and textiles. In short, if art is the mirror of what happens we cannot do anything else than reproduce art in the most heterogeneous way.

Quince Logo 500

QUINCE magazine

Giada Rotundo was born in 1991 and is based in Milan, Italy. Early on the artist's research was founded on images of the past. Now she is facing new themes that include horror and splatter in art. She has collaborated with the Visioni Altre Gallery, David Goldman Agency, Pepita Ramone Space, Open Space Art Living, Metodo Milano Artist-run Space, Tirabasso Gallery, Passepartout Unconventional Gallery, Artepassante Project, Benjamin Mac Gallery, Tail Online Gallery and Galleriazro.

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