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Issue Two,

Autumn 2020


Editor's Note



Welcome to the second issue of Quince Magazine – a new online litmag featuring poetry, fiction, scripts, life writing, visual arts, photography and film from writers and artists around the world.

Issue Two is themed on STREET LIFE – a world of life outside the boundaries of home, an idea and space that takes on new complexities in 2020. In this issue we have twenty-eight pieces and one interview, with work from writers and artists in India, Nigeria, Spain, the USA, the Philippines, the Netherlands, Greece, Germany and the UK.

We have poetry that lyrically depicts the transience of life on the streets, scripts that explore the collective and the singular voice, fiction that invites you to engage with street life’s uncanny and randomness, visual art and photography that take you to the rural and the urban, life writing that immerses you in London, Agbowo, Berlin and Kolkata.

We also have film! I want to call particular attention to the two films in this issue. Emmitt Thrower’s The Silent Sellers: Walking in My Shoes takes us on a journey through New York City, offering us a rare glimpse of the community of street vendors that anyone who has visited New York (or seen it in innumerable multimedia) will recognise as integral to the authenticity and spirit of the place. Sasha Benarie’s Intimacy of Social Distancing: A Trilogy presents a beautiful collection of moments that movingly capture the times we’re living in.


Special thanks to Avinash Roy, the filmmaker, photographer and curator from India who so generously agreed to do an interview for this issue. He offers an insight into the art of street photography, honed through his extensive experience capturing communities and moments around the world.

I hope in these pages you will be inspired and expanded by the detail, lyricism and creativity of the writers and artists in this issue.

Hope you and yours are all well.


Founder and Editor

Quince Magazine

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