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Issue Two,

Autumn 2020


Martins Deep


Three Whispering Photographs

Martins Deep Photo 1.jpeg
Martins Deep photo 2 edited.jpeg
Martins Deep Photo 3.jpeg

Artist Statement

Captured here are photos one would find in the rural areas of Nigeria. They are telling, and pregnant with feeling, memories, and stories. What one would find here is an invitation into an experience of your heart throbbing for something perhaps far away, yet now close the warmth of your soul anoints it. 

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Martins Deep is a Nigerian poet & photographer. He is passionate about documenting muffled stories of the African experience in his poetry & visual art. Writing from Kaduna, or whichever place he finds himself, his creative juices tends to paint the spontaneity of his imagination, humanity, justice, truth & emotions, in different ways, bringing as much balm to as many wounds desperate for healing. 

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