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Issue Two,

Autumn 2020


Phoebe Anson


Directions to the Unknown

 //head south on______ road towards _______ avenue//

stepping into questionable familiarity

      the same signs            buildings                 streetlights

google maps keeps me safe          keeps me sane

       in these recognisable yet foreign landscapes


//after 400 yards turn left onto __________ road and//

faces shrouded in uncertainty          judging         watching

                   where's she going               what’s she doing

neighbourliness absent bar a few precious anomalies

use ear buds to help to drown out the silent shrieks of condemnation 


//at the roundabout take the third exit onto ___________//

the world has been at war without even jumping off the sofa

          waging noiseless battles        and virtual bar brawls

but the doors have now been opened         once forgotten sounds resurfacing

            tranquil exhales rustle the leaves           as birds sing melodies from a time gone by


and now we step out          for better or for worse      and walk into the unknown


//you have reached your destination//

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Phoebe Anson is a third year university student studying English Literature. She writes poetry both as a part of her course and in her spare time. Her poem ‘[emote]’ was recently published in the August issue of Streetcake Magazine. She is currently situated in Sheffield, UK. 

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