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Issue Two,

Autumn 2020


Sasha Benarie


Intimacy of Social Distancing: A Trilogy

Artist Statement

Tenderness, loneliness, desire, freedom, doubt… These words and others are the concepts around which the images in this short film orbit. Intimacy of Social Distancing: A Trilogy commits itself to honesty, paying the highest tribute to reality for the sake of reality. It advocates for the 'humanly human', distancing itself from the consumerism by which I feel we are constantly stimulated. Instead, it focuses on the value of people and their actions, enhancing the beauty of everyday life. Recording and selecting these images, and shaping them, has given me an opportunity to get closer to many unknown people, people who cross my path and I may never see again, but people with whom I like to know I share an urban and social intimacy that brings us closer without knowing it.

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Born in Barcelona in 1992, Sasha Benarie graduated in anthropology at the University of Paris VII in 2014. Between flamenco dancing and academic studies, she naturally develops her own way of investigating her artistic and social concerns through image. Intimacy of Social Distancing: A Trilogy is her first film.

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