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Issue Two,

Autumn 2020


Simon Alderwick


day is dead

day is dead, chicken shop carcass

chalk outlines drawn on the street


the city's rhythm, lost in laughter

haunted houses, broken dreams


last orders, visiting

time over, a vigil on the nightbus home


crushed beer cans reborn as ashtrays; CD

case paired with credit card


roll a dice and pray to know the

feel of losing everything


crowded parties; lonely people

trying to offload your soul


shared rollup in a back garden

a hand moves up inside a bra


hanging out, asphyxiated

banging against the bathroom door


primal desire for kebab wraps

drown your face inside that meat


the end refrain cries out for violence

creeping curfews, pointed teeth


the moon is burning up the city

a ghostly face at the window


the sight of blood excites these monsters

how to break is all they know

no place

no place, just a series of journeys

smell of clothes need changing

wait for buses with damp seats

look out at passing sceneries

colours blur, empty streets roll into

hustling cities

everywhere you look, despair and loneliness

those on the up are fuelled by bullshit


close your eyes, dream of something better

hustle up a few quid

breakfast at the side of the road

got you feeling better


leave a few dollars

or a few dimes

tip your hat at the waitress


the bell rings as you leave through the door

the door closes

and you're on the street again

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Simon Alderwick is a writer and musician from Surrey,  He has spent most of the last five years living in the Philippines and has also travelled in Europe, Asia and Central America.  His work is featured or forthcoming in Eye Flash, Dust, Near Window, Seiren.

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