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Issue Two,

Autumn 2020


Sophia Bharmal

Visual Art

Four Images

Sophia Bharmal 1.jpg
Sophia Bharmal 2.jpg
Sophia Bharmal 3.jpg
Sophia Bharmal 4.jpg

Artist Statement

This series of drawings is inspired by fragmented memories of street life in India. Due to Covid-19 the regularly planned trips back to the ‘motherland’ have been cancelled and I’ve been left with only recollections of carved stone and crowded streets. Each of the scenes I have created are made from a combination of memories and places around India from Mumbai to Jaipur. The style of drawing comes of the Mughal murals painted across walls of Palaces describing the life of kings. These scenes contain a piece of the everyday played out in settings of royalty.

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Sophia Bharmal is a recent Masters graduate in architecture from the University of Edinburgh after completing her bachelors at the University of Cambridge. Her artwork focuses on fragmentation and a fantastical view of cities and uses memories of India as a powerful tool to recreate spaces in her own form. Colour is an important part of her work helping to evoke a make-believe landscape. She is based in London.

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