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Issue One,

Summer 2020

Stephen Jackson




I pulled the pistils from honeysuckles

pressed them sap-wise against your lips


before kissing you, spinning out on

asteroids and satellites, lush in the belly


of our spaceship, where we longed for

each other and tasted it, the sweet nest


of being, the hives of bees swarming

the warmth of stars that surrounded us


in a galaxy of lust — the de luxe light

of heaven settling down upon the earth


of us, nestled in to infinity, the breath

of you inside of me, and each of us on


a journey, to the far sides of eternity,

never to return — recalling all I’ve lost,


to this day, I pull them out — I place

the sap end of that pistil in my mouth.

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QUINCE magazine

Stephen Jackson [he/him] lives and writes in the Pacific Northwest. His poems have most recently appeared or are forthcoming in The American Journal of Poetry, Anti-Heroin Chic, Chronotope, Ghost City Review, International Human Rights Art Festival Publishes, The Inflectionist Review, Impossible Archetype, Mineral Lit Mag, and pacificREVIEW. Twitter: @fortyoddcrows 

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