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Issue Three:

Trivarna Hariharan

WINTER 2020/21


Five Micro Poems



Snow rain in summer––

I           dart out of       my house 
to collect dead leaves






In my grandma’s
treasure chest––
  sun-dried mangoes
  of years ago
  are still









The rain fell 

       like a phone call
       I had been awaiting 

for years. 






Summer rain––

my body feels bare
as an un-   buttoned  flute 





for my mother

The bulb-round waist

of spring figs. 

A bamboo sack bulging

under the breasts of 


Mother, I have always
longed to know 

which part of your swelling
pains you the most.

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Trivarna Hariharan is a writer and pianist based in India. She studied English Literature at Delhi University and the University of Cambridge. She is a Pushcart-prize. Recent poems have been published in Duende, Entropy, Stirring, Front Porch, Noble/Gas Quarterly, After The Pause, Third Wednesday. Her poetry collections are Letters Never Sent  (Writers Workshop Kolkata, 2017) and There Was Once A River Here (Les Editions du Zaporogue, 2018).

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